Stone paving of beige-light brown fine-grained calcareous stone with reddish stylolites, the typical old “chianca” from Puglia.
Made of “white stone” from Trani (“biancone” di Trani) from direct quarrying and working, aged and handtreated with such handcrafted and traditional techniques to reproduce the classical splendour of the typical pavings in Puglia.

To make your house more welcoming, use our natural “chianca” from Puglia.

Working: product identification

The mining points of the Firm Stones of Puglia (Pietre di Puglia) are to be considered a lot and are spread along the whole area of Trani. From the quarry of “white” in Ostuni to the famous material of Castel del Monte area, which is in great demand. Historical mining points of several generations, which guarantee a very good selection of the best layers, fit for facing stones of different types.


Hand working

The above-said working is done by hand to select thickness, colour and size.


It is done with new-generation machines for squaring the white blocks of stone from Ostuni. The use of this material increases the value of the building of private and public country houses, containment walls, road, pavement, hotel flooring, etc.
Lavatura a secco


A modern equipment of dry old-looking process of natural stones which are smoothed and hammered in noise and erosion–proof tanks separating powders. With successive finishing-touches operations we achieve a unique first-rate quality product meant for those who love living in a house with decor…
Lavatura ad acqua


After the normal operation of manual selection or cut, materials undergo a further phase of water washing: we obtain, thus, an old-looking and smooth stone. This working makes stones weather proof for at least two hundred years. It is used for...
Segati: normali e anticati

Sawn stone: normal and old-looking

This kind of working is the result of researches for new models of handcrafted lines necessary to make the products of MADE IN ITALY quality ones. It is done in different places in order to respect the best working and acoustic conditions. WASHING IN TANKS: at least one hour...
A spacco con spaccatrici verticali

Split with vertical splitter

With this working the thickness of cm. 2 is guaranteed. It is used for first-rate quality works, for outside or inside (facing) application, with glue, with or without spacer (dry effect), to make fake walls for inside (facing) such as bathrooms, kitchens, cellars...
The concern Pietre di Puglia is located in Trani, it is a craft firm that quarries local stones in several zones of the territory, always in search of best quality of stones.
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